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Third Party Products
Third Party Products
We are also dealing with other manufacturers’ products: light shielding film, sliding sheets, shock-absorbing materials, dust prevention parts, insulating film, antireflection sheets, etc.
  • We have many types of other products and materials below.
Name of product Quality of material Thickness(mm) (1)Standard size (mm)
(2)Original fabric size (mm)
Principal use
Carbon Feather
Black PET film 0.012- (2)480*100M
Shutter, aperture blade, visual field frame, washer
SOMA-Black film Special double-sided matte film
Black pet film
0.025-0.250 (1) A4 size(210×297)
(2) 500*1000*Roll
Shutter, aperture blade, visual field frame, washer
Tedlar PVF film Polyvinyl fluoride film 0.038 (2) 508*100M
(2) 1016*100M
Insulation, light shielding, exposure prevention, washer
PET film
Black / transparent(single-sided/ double-sided)
Polyester film(Black / transparent) 0.038- (2)500*50M*Roll
(2)1000*100M(single-sided/ double-sided)
Insulation, light shielding film
For more information about specifications and usage examples of those products above, please contact us using the form below.