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Our Original Products
Our Original Products
Developed with abundant experience and unique technology of the Koyo Orient Japan Group, we have a wide variety of mechanism parts: light shielding film, sliding sheets, shock-absorbing materials, dust prevention parts, insulating film, inner antireflection sheets, etc.
  • Our original products with excellent reliability were developed based on rich experience and unique advanced technology.
  • Over the years, Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd. has supplied our original brand materials to domestic enterprises as well as foreign firms focusing on the optical and electronic industries.
  • Products other than those listed below are also available, according to your request. (*such as polyurethane foam, sheet, sponge, electromagnetic shielding material, abrasive sheet, double faced adhesive tape, etc.)
Name of product Quality of material Thickness(mm) (1)Standard size(mm)
(2)Original fabric size (mm)
Principal use
Light shielding rubber sheet
CR rubber / Polyester base fabric 0.21 (2)50M (Approximate) Mirror frame, shading curtain, sliding sheet, light shielding sheet.
Shutter curtain
(single sided)
Silk cloth coated with rubber 0.21 (1)880*1000
(2)880*50M (Approximate)
Sliding, light shielding, exposure protection
Suede Flocking sheet 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 (1)450*500
(2)980*20M / 50M
Sliding, light shielding, exposure protection
Fine-Shut SP Special polyurethane foam 0.22 (1)450*500
Internal antireflection
Fine-Shield Urethane 0.03 / 0.05 (2)760*100M(Approximate) Light shielding ring for digital camera
Fine-Same Artificial leather 0.5/0.8/1.2 (1)560*450
Internal antireflection
EPK-001/002/003 EPDM 0.1-0.3±0.03 (2)1000*50M(Approximate) Friction pad
FGS-50/100/ 200/ 300
Artificial graphite
Natural graphite
0.05-0.3±10% (2)210*50M
Thermal radiation sheet for PC/mobile phone
K-Form Special polyurethane foam 0.5-15 (1)500*1000 Light shielding, dust prevention, shock-absorbing
KIS-001 IIR/polyester fabric 0.1±0.03 (2)1000*50M(Approximate) Light shielding ring for digital camera
UP-100 Polyester fabric
/PU sheet
0.08±0.02 (2)1150*100M(Approximate) Light shielding ring for digital camera
We are dealing in a wide range of original products other than the above. For more details, please contact us using the inquiry form below.