Corporate Outline
Company Name Koyo Lao Co.,Ltd.
Establishment July, 2013
President Takao KIYOFUJI
Business Content
  • Import/Export service, logistics operations
  • Leasing a plot of land, factory site, warehouse and office space
  • Import and sales of optical electronic and electrical products
  • Manufacturing and sales of molded rubber products
  • Manufacturing and sales of press work products
  • Sales of chemical product materials for optical use
Address Savan-SENO Special Economic Zone(Zone B), 28km, Savannakhet, Savannakhet Province, Lao PDR
TEL    (+66)-2-5166023-4 (Koyo Precision Thailand Ltd.)
FAX    (+66)-2-5166025 (Koyo Precision Thailand Ltd.)
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Branch Office

We continue to expand the trading company functions and logistics based functions, making the most use of overseas bases in Thailand and Lao PDR that are located in the center of East-West Economic Corridor(Vietnam-Laos-Thailand-Myanmar) and North-South Economic Corridor(Thailand-Laos-Yunnan province, China).

Besides leasing a plot of land, factory site, warehouse and office space, We provide a range of support and advice for a company that is working towards developing a new business into the ASEAN market.