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Environmental Quality Activities

We had been updating the ISO certification for 15 years since December 2004.

After 15-year-operation of environmental management system, we had acquired the operation method. And this time in 2020, we decided to change the system to self-management operation.

We will be continuously working on environmental and quality management based on ISO14001.

Environmental Quality Policy

We will continue to develop business activities that gain customer trust, supplying various types of chemical products and materials to the optical electronics industry.
   We will always consider possible effects on the environment and quality of our products. Based on the environmental quality policy, we will be proactively involved in the appropriate business operations.

  • We strive to prevent environmental pollution and promote environmental preservation by understanding accurately the effects on the environment that our business activities and products have. At the same time, we set environmental objectives and targets to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.
      We also work to continuously improve our management system by making a periodic review, and improve the environmental performance and customer satisfaction.

  • We comply with laws, regulations and other agreements.
  • We will pursue “MONOZUKURI (Manufacturing)” that fulfills the demand of customers, particularly aiming to meet the ”quality requirement”
  • In addition to disseminate this environmental quality policy to all the employees, we publish it on the website.
April 1, 2018
Koyo Orient Japan Co., Ltd.
PresidentShinichiro KIYOFUJI
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This policy applies to all the domestic employees, products and services.
The communication policy also applies to all the overseas employees .