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Overseas Business Expansion Support
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We provide a range of supports and services for a company that is working towards developing a new business into China, HongKong, Taiwan and other Asian countries, by expanding sales of your products and leasing our office, warehouse and factory spaces.
The course of the company
We have been engaged in the optical equipment industry for more than 75 years since the predecessor of the company, Koyo Kogyo Co.,Ltd, deepening mutural trust with customers.
Highly evaluated for the quality of our products and rapid-response services, we have made a major breakthrough not only in the optical industry but also in various fields. We will continue supplying products and services that satisfy customers, consistently anticipating the changes of the times.
The Koyo Orient Japan group, as a general trading company of the optical equipment industry, continues to rise to face new challenges, proposing and developing original products that meet the demands of the age.
The Koyo Orient Japan Group
Technologies of the Koyo Orient Japan group are highly evaluated by users all over the world. Making use of its overseas bases in China, Taiwan, Thailand and Laos, we will deliver high-quality products in every region of the world in a timely manner according to the needs of customers.

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